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7 Tips on How to Organize a Bachelor Party

Article Image

Getting married is not the end of the world for the groom but it is a major life event that requires a proper sendoff. A bachelor party has been a great way to wish your mate all the best in married life for centuries, in one form or the other. Seemingly enough, s buck’s night as we call it here in Australia, his believed to be a tradition started by Spartan warriors in Antiquity.

Top 5 spots to get a stunning nature view in Dunedin, New Zealand

Article Image

As you probably already know, New Zealand is a country with some of the most breathtaking nature and wildlife in the world. 

One of the most interesting places in this otherwise already fascinating country would be Dunedin – a city on its southern shore. 

A Solo Traveller's Guide To Melbourne

Article Image

Technology today means that solo traveling is not as difficult as it was. In fact, it seems one of the greater challenges you can face now is – what do I want to do next? Ennui and boredom are your primary enemies on the road now, not actual logistics. Luckily, if you’re going to Melbourne, you don’t have to worry.

4 Water Based Mascaras for Eyelash Extension

Article Image

Having a lash extension is becoming more and more popular, and there are many beauty salons in Australia where you can get a lash extension done for a decent price. However, before you decide to go through with it, we suggest you read these tips on how you should treat lash extensions if you want them to last.